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Visiting Canada

Be ready for your next visit to our Canadian Fishing Lodge: Note that passports are now required to re-enter the US (since June 2009).

Are you coming from someplace outside of Canada? Do you have questions about the details of visiting Canada? Take a look at the important information below. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who May Visit Us?

Anyone, of course! You should definitely bring identification proving your citizenship. You may also need further documents:

U.S. citizens and legal residents need a passport to re-enter the U.S. (since June 2009).

Permanent U.S. residents who are not citizens should bring their alien registration receipt card.

Visitors entering Canada from a country other than the U.S. require a valid passport and in some cases a visitor's visa. Visas are issued by Canadian Immigration offices, embassies and consulates.

Any questions about entry to Canada may be addressed to: Canada Immigration Division, Canada Employment and Immigration Centre, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0J9.

Vehicles and Insurance

The entry of vehicles and trailers into Canada for touring purposes is usually a quick routine matter. Any necessary permits are issued at the port of entry. If you have rented a vehicle or trailer, make sure you bring along a copy of the rental contract, which stipulates you have permission to use it in Canada.

U.S. motorists planning to travel in Canada are advised to obtain a Canadian Non-Resident Interprovince Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card available only in the U.S. Contact your local insurance agent.

Can Your Pet Come?

Dogs and cats accompanying their owners from the U.S. must have current (within 36 months) rabies vaccination certificates. Owners from other countries who wish to bring their pets with them should write to The Health of Animals Branch, Canada Department of Agriculture, 179 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4S9.

Hospital and Medical Services

Most communities have hospitals and/or resident doctors. Wise travelers will check with their medical service plans to ensure they will be covered while in Canada. If you are taking medicines prescribed by your doctor you should bring along a copy of the prescription, in case you need to have it renewed by a physician in Canada. For further information and insurance details contact your travel agent or insurance agent.

Financial Services & U.S. Funds

Chartered banks are located in virtually all cities and towns. These full-service institutions are the best locations for exchanging currency. Note: most banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. There is also a government-sanctioned Canada-U.S. currency exchange service at the Ontario Travel Information Centre in Sault Ste. Marie.

U.S. currency is accepted at Waterfalls Lodge and at many places throughout Ontario.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

For police services anywhere in Ontario, phone toll-free 1-888-310-1122.

Credit Cards

Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club etc., are honoured in all communities in Ontario. However, Waterfalls Lodge only accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What You Can Bring With You

Duty free articles that may be taken into Canada are: wearing apparel and personal effects; sporting goods (up to 200 rounds of ammunition); up to 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes, 400 grams of tobacco, 40 imperial ounces of alcohol or wine or 288 imperial ounces of beer or ale (case of 24) per adult; cameras (with a reasonable amount of film); reasonable food supply per person, and a full tank of gasoline.

Note: All articles above allowable quantities are subject to import duty. Ontario has dry goods, grocery and gasoline outlets in modern communities throughout the area at prices competitive with US and/or European counterparts-plus US dollars and several foreign currencies enjoy a premium rate of exchange in Canada.

There is a full service grocery store 10 minutes from Waterfalls Lodge.


Pistols, fully automatic weapons and firearms less than 26 inches in length are prohibited entry into Canada.

Most sporting rifles and shot guns can be admitted with a permit ($25.00 Annual Fee) if the visitor is sixteen or older. A description of all guns and serial numbers must be submitted to Canadian Customs. 200 rounds of ammunition can be admitted duty free. The Lodge will provide you with the registration form prior to your hunting trip. It is very easy.

Export Rules

Residents from other countries should ask the appropriate authorities of their country of origin or its nearest consulate for detailed information about duty charged on articles purchased in Canada. Permits are required to export certain products made from endangered plants or animals. Normally, the retailer can advise you about any export restrictions on merchandise in his/her store.

Liquor Outlets And The Law

Visitors to Ontario looking to buy liquor or beer for consumption outside a licensed establishment usually have to go to 2 separate stores. Liquor, including wine, is available through stores run by the Liquor License Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) or in smaller centres, by their authorized representative. Beer may be purchased through the "The Beer Store" or directly from brewery outlets.

Both beer and liquor can be purchased at the LCBO store just 10 minutes from Waterfalls Lodge.

Ontario laws prohibit having open bottles of liquor in a location accessible to the driver of a vehicle. Drinking is only allowed in your residence or within a reasonable distance of your residence. A tent, trailer or camper can be considered residences. Drinking on public beaches, parks, etc. while in transit is prohibited.

When checking into a provincial or private campgrounds check their regulations.

Wheel & Float Plane Pilots

A wide variety of facilities are available throughout Algoma for the pilots of privately-owned aircraft on either wheels or floats, including Municipally or Federally operated airports and aerodromes, many of which now feature telephone Customs reporting privileges.

Information for Boaters

Pleasure craft may enter Canada by trailer or under their own power and stay for a period of up to 12 months. The required Entry Permit is obtainable from Customs at port-of-entry. All boats powered by motors 10 HP or over must be licensed and the license number clearly indicated on the bow of the vessel. Boat licenses from outside Ontario are acceptable.

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