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References: Guest Letters

References: Professional Reviews | Awards | Guest Letters

guest commentDate (when) arrived: 8/25/12 Departed: 9/1/12

Who: Brian & Jennie Stilts

The weather/temperature was: Beautiful - Sunny & hot but a constant breeze - perfect.

Guest/Visitors (who): Dale & Margaret (our Indiana pals), Beth & Bob Hibbard

What I (we) did: Fish, read, lounged at the beach this year & relaxed. This is for sure God's Country - I don't think it can get much better.

New Encounters (friends and creatures): Beth & Bob from Hamilton, Ontario. Super sweet people

Projects (started/completed): fishing - we got pretty good at it this year :) , Books & finally cleared our minds from the daily comotion of everyday life for a few days.

Favorite moments / special highlights (fun): Visiting our friends & the locals who returned as we did. We got to attend our first shore lunch (rained last year - was held in the garage) - was nice to meet & greet other travelers.

Notes (maintenance/repairs/projects or just plain fun): This is our second year at Waterfalls & we are already planning our next years trip.

Rob, Kathy & Staff went over the top again to make us feel like family. They are pretty special people.

A Big thank you again from the Stilts Clan - See you next year ---------

Jennie & Brian Stilts

P.S. Thank you "the tornados" for keeping us tidy. You girls do a fantastic job.

guest commentDate (when) arrived: Aug 11, 2012 Departed: Aug 18, 2012

Who: Corey Jr. & Jenn (Cabin #4), Corey Sr., Kelli, Chelsea & Derick (Cabin #1)

The weather/temperature was: Rainy 1st day, Beautiful High 70s & Low 80s Most of Week - Just Gorgeous!!

What I (we) did: Fish, Fish, Fish!! Play @ Beach, Went to Shore Lunch! So Much fun!! Got Sunburned @ beach & fishing.

Caught Many Fish 25.5 Pike & 4lb Smallmouth were our largest, but did catch many!!

New Encounters (friends and creatures): Saw a few Beavers & Kingfishers! A snapping turtle too!! Right in front of cabin

Favorite moments / special highlights (fun): All of the laughs!! Telling the days fishing stories around the campfire, making popcorn & s'mores. The shore lunch & our own fish fry!!

Notes (maintenance/repairs/projects or just plain fun): Waterfalls Lodge is a fantastic place to vacation! You can relax, fish, read or do whatever you want! All of the staff treat you like they have known you for years! We all plan to come back every summer for many summers to come!!

Corey & Jenn Osborne

A Poem for a Shore Lunch - Cooked by Someone ElseA Poem for a Shore Lunch - Cooked by Someone Else

Southern Ontario - too humid, too hot
Stay there in the summer - wilt, wither or rot.
OR - get out of the city! (Get outta Dodge!)
Get yourself up to Waterfalls Lodge.
You don't have to be just hoping and wishing;
You really could be out boating and fishing.

Southern Ontario - streets full of shops
And too many tickets from too many cops.
All you need is a fish lunch up on a shore,
A few snacks, some bait, from one little store.
You don't have to be just hoping and wishing;
You really could be out boating and fishing.

You can search on your own or hire a guide
To find that perfect fish to be stuffed, or fried.
You can photograph scenery, the landscape, the views
Or appreciate the coffee, the beer or the stews
You don't have to be just hoping and wishing;
You really could be out boating and fishing.

So now is the time - a vacation break -
Make it a holiday. Go to the lake!
Get your gear, a map, a tank - full of gas,
There's something waiting for you - it's a bass!
It's time to stop hoping, time to stop wishing;
It's time to get out there boating and fishing.

Written by Erika Tubb to thank Rob and Kathy for the shore lunch at Waterfalls Lodge, July 2012

June 30 - July 3, 2012
Cabin #16

Hi Rob & Kathy,

Thank you for a fantastic long weekend! You were very kind to accommodate the change to my reservation.

Your staff was kind and courteous.

The cabin was excellent! I hope to come back & if I do I will always stay in cabin 16. Loved the bathroom! Great shower! The bear theme is too cute as are the twinkle lights on the beam.

The hydrobikes were awesome! Great idea!

I don't have suggestions to improve...the kitchen was well-equipped, the linens were crisp & clean, the futon was very comfortable. I was unsure what to do for more firewood kindling on my last night, so perhaps in future you could visit rentals and see if they need more? That would be my only thought.

Thanks again! I will gladly tell friends & family about this amazing place & piece of heaven.


guest commentDate (when) arrived: 05/29/2012 Departed: 05/30/2012

Who: Jackie & Andy

The weather/temperature was: sunny when arrived, then had a heavy rain fall

What I (we) did: Just relaxed before heading on to the Yukon; the next day. We will be camping most of the time.

Favorite moments / special highlights (fun): fun - fun - fun

guest commentDate (when) arrived: 8/27/11 Departed: 9/3/11

Who: Brian & Jennie Stilts

The weather/temperature was: fantastic. Cool mornings, Warm afternoons, Cool evenings

Guest/Visitors (who): Dale & Margaret, Peter, Danny & Grams, Richard (guide) (the rest were our neighbors).

What I (we) did: Relaxed when we wanted, fished when we wanted, ate when we wanted, napped when we wanted.

New Encounters (friends and creatures): friends: sec guest above but include Kathy & Rob, and all the Staff at the Inn, our buddy Jerome.

Projects (started/completed): Nothing - Started rested & ended relaxed.

A big thanks to Jerome & Richard for their fishing trips & tips.

Favorite moments / special highlights (fun): Every meal, guided fishing trips with Richard & spending time with my best friend - No phone - No TV.

Notes (maintenance/repairs/projects or just plain fun): We go on so many vacations but I have to say that this week was the most relaxing of 2011.

A big thank you to Waterfalls Lodge for showing us a fantastic time on our first trip to Canada. We will be seeing you next year!

P.S. We bought this book so everyone could share their trips at Waterfalls Lodge. Please post a little note if you like and enjoy your stay. You won't find a better group of people - - - All of them.

Jennie & Brian Stilts

July 30, 2011

Rob and Kathy,

Walleye caught by guest on a remote lakeWe just wanted to say thank you for another great vacation.  All 12 of us said we had a wonderful time.  My wife said it was the most relaxing vacations she has ever had. Getting up each morning going for walks, then we would head to the lodge for a good breakfast before starting our day of fishing or for her beading at the cabin overlooking Tube Lake. I think what she liked best was knowing that she would have the bed made and the cabin given a quick cleaning each day. Don’t forget, no dishes either. Each meal at the lodge was wonderful. The deserts after dinner were treats we all looked forward to each day wondering what surprise awaited us. I loved the packed lunches each day.

Walleye caught by guest on Spanish RiverFishing on the Spanish River was another highlight we added to the list of memories of Waterfalls Lodge. It’s something we will do more often next year. The ATV / fishing trip was another high point for each one of us. No, I wasn’t lost on the return trip. I just went right instead of left. I was going the right direction when they found me. We have already started to talk about next year. We will stay in touch.

Many Thanks Again,

Randy, Sharon, Terry, Patty, Gary, Kathy, Mike, Andy, Chris, Ken, David and Gary P.

P.S. On the way home a Bear, Moose, Deer and an Elk were sighted yes an Elk near the French River area. I have attached two pictures my biggest and smallest Walleye this year. The biggest walleye was from the Remote trip and the smallest was at the Spanish River.

guest letterSeptember 6, 2010

Hello Rob and Kathy,

It's been a month since we arrived at your lodge and the memories are still firmly planted in our heads. The camp was everything you and the web site said it would be and more. Starting with our friendly greeting when we arrived, the cabins, the meals, the great condition of the boats, the fishing, the ATV trips and sadly when we said goodbye a week later. When we left, all of us felt like we were saying goodbye to newly discovered family members.

The guys are still talking about the boat tour of the lakes when we arrived, the ATV trips to the remote lakes for fishing, the staff. Please make sure you say hello to Angel from all of us and what about the meals, each day's meals were a wonderful experience. Every one said they gained weight. Even me, and I only ate dinner at the lodge. The guys did sneak a cookie or two to me during the week. The first morning the ones that went up for breakfast all came back with their stomachs full and stories about how much food they were served. All said they would order a smaller portion for the rest of the week. That lasted a few days. They also said they needed to rest before we left for a day of fishing after each breakfast. Every meal was wonderful: and nobody was hungry after leaving the lodge that's for sure. What about the chicken wings. They were GREAT. My hat goes off you and Kathy and your whole staff for creating an atmosphere that made us (and everyone else) feel like we were part of your family.

You told us that fishing at that time of the year would be a little more difficult and that was true but your advice the first day was very helpful for catching fish. As each one of us got to know the lakes we found ways to catch more fish every day. The lakes appeared to be very healthy. The size of the fish we caught varied greatly confirming a good natural breeding population. No single year class appearing to be dominating. The great number of small and medium sized fish only told us what the lakes would be like for years to come. Everyone did catch at least one bass over 16 inches and a few over 18 inches. I claim the largest at 19.75 inches. One thing we all said was we didn't have enough time to fish. We all talked about fishing Denvic Lake, but none of us did and it was only 100 yards from the cabin, next year for sure.

We hope we did not corrupt Kathy to much that one night with the mixology lesson at the lodge. One of our biggest regrets were the days weren't long enough. We all got up for breakfast fished all day, came in for dinner and some were out on the lake for a few hours of night fishing. The beds invited us nightly to rest for the following day of fishing and a new adventure. We did make it to the lodge for a few adult beverages a few nights but most were in bed getting ready for the next day of fishing by 10:30 PM.

I have raved about our trip back home we have about 6-8 more people interested in coming up next summer. Several of our wives have shown a strong interest in coming up as well. Am I correct in saying that Bass season opens the last Saturday in June so that would be June 25, 2011 and that the next weekend is Canada Day? I assume that weekend may be booked already? With Canada Day being on a weekend does it mess up the week before and after? We have not decided which week to come up but we will be making a choice by the first of the year. Any advice you give would be helpful. If that is the case, when do we need to reserve the individual cabins facing down Tube Lake? I think the guys that are not bringing their wives will take cabin 8. Am I correct that one of the cabins in the long building has two bathrooms? That would be a great help for the guys. Get back to me when you have time.

Again many thanks for a wonderful time to everyone.


Randy Wayne and the Fishing Crew from 2010
Falling Waters, WV

August 8, 2010

hello rob, wow i miss canada.

i sent some photo of our saturday trip. we had a blast. i know there are a lot of fish there with sore lips. just wanted to thank you guys, it was a trip of a lifetime you two are very special people, the world needs a lot more like you.

a little info, dave had a heart attack last sunday. he is fine, they put a stint in his artery. he was a lucky man, it happened in the hospital. some luck huh? tell everyone we said hi.

tell kathy we didn't have to pump up any tires on the way home. again thanks so very much, the saturday trip was a great topper to one of the best weeks of my life!!

i really hope to see you two soon,

thanks again,
john cribbs

Proving once again that some of our most important guests sign their names in crayons...

To: The staff of waterfalls lodge
Thanks for the great loaf of bread it was really yummy! This place is GREAT. Here are four play dough fish that we made.
From: Emma and Caroline

To: Kathy and Rob
Thanks for making this trip so great!! You rock!
From: Caroline and Emma

To: Wendy
Your great thanks for a great trip!!
From: Caroline and Emma

July 26, 2010


Just wanted to thank you and Kathy for another memorable and fantastic vacation. My daughter and I had the greatest time. We enjoy your beautiful facilities and the best scenery in the world! You and Kathy are the ultimate hosts and I can't wait to return next summer. The ATV remote fishing is the greatest experience! I will be telling all of my friends that they need to go to Waterfalls Lodge instead of anywhere else on vacation!

Thanks again,
Tina Bratz

July 17, 2010

Rob & Kathy -

Thanks so much for your hospitality! The cabin was just as beautiful as we remembered. The fishing was awesome - thanks Rob for the last trip to horseshoe - we had a great time! And thanks Kathy for the FRESH Homemade Bread - it was a pleasant surprise & yummy!

Your crew is top notch - Al, Richard, Ed, Jerome, Wendy and EVEN James LOL - you're a sweety James. Do well in school.

May you all be happy & prosper.

God Bless,
Jerry & Debbie Douglas

P.S. If you're ever in Detroit - Look us up.

July 6, 2010

Rob & Kathy - 

John and I just wanted to thank you for a great visit last week.  Your facilities and hospitality are second to none. Quite simply, you made us feel like family!!

We very much enjoyed our time with you and we both look forward to seeing you in St. Charles.

Thanks again!!


The guy's headed to Water Falls Lodge located in Spanish Ontario. This quiet little town is about one and a half hours from Sudbury. Water Falls lodge offers world class smallmouth bass fishing with access to some secluded bodies of water by way of ATV. The size and number of fish is something you will not believe until you experience it for yourself.

Rob & Kathy

Thanks to you and you're staff for making our vacation such a wonderful experience. We didn't fight once during the whole trip!

Please find enclosed our cabin 5 key. I am so sorry I can't believe I forgot to hand it in. It was in my purse to give to Wendy and I guess we got talking…..and I forgot.

Maybe subconsciously I didn't want to leave!

Take care,

Best Regards.

Hope to see ya again. Mike & Jane

To: Everyone at Waterfalls Lodge.

Thank you for sending my sons items. Thank you for a Fabulous Vacation


Jeffrey & Jameson

Dear Rob & Kathy

We had a great time this summer at your lodge. Thank you.

Everyone was amazing – polite, courteous, kind and professional. Thank you!

Take care,

Sincerely, Amy

Kathy & Rob

In July, 2008 we caught lots of fish, ate delicious meals prepared by a cook we'd like to adopt and enjoyed our very comfortable cabin.

Our congratulations to you and your excellent staff who help make our stay at Waterfalls lodge a wonderful holiday.

This was our first time there, but we are looking forward to our next vacation with you next year.

Bob & Pat

Dear Rob & Kathy

We want to thank you for a wonderful vacation. From the ATV's to the remote fishing, Poweretubes, and the best wings & Poutine in Ontario – We had the time of our lives! Thank you- Thank you- Thank you. Your hospitality was great!

Keep in Touch.

Jan & Rick

Rob & Kathy

Here's a disc with the bear on it we promised you. Also, 3 pictures for your picture board in the store.

We had a wonderful time. Your staff is excellent & Oh, so accommodating!!! We loved the friendly atmosphere of the lodge as well as the delicious food. You certainly know how to treat your guests. Our cabin was clean & very adequately furnished and the weather was really good (guess we lucked out there, since the earlier summer was much to be desired according to your employees).

We will definitely be recommending you to all our friends & family.

Once again, Thank you for a great relaxing week of fishing, food & fun!!!

Vicki & Dave

Hi Rob & Kathy

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the last two trips to Waterfalls Lodge.

The highlight of my trips has been the ATV trips into the bush and the fishing lakes at the end of the trails. Absolutely the most fun that I've ever had on a Canadian fishing trip.

Kathy, you are the "BEST". Never dreamed that you would go to the trouble of digging into the couch and finding the knife that had special meaning to me. For the effort I am extremely grateful – thanks so much.

Hope to see you again in 2009. Best wishes to both of you.


Hello Rob & Kathy. We made it back to "hell" ok. Hope you take care of "Heaven" until we get back. I'm sure you realized that I stole the key to #14 hahaha.

I'll put it in an envelope and send it out tomorrow from work GAG!!!! We got stopped at the border and had to go through a "random computer generated vehicle check". They seized an orange we got from our pack lunch that I took with us. I didn't tell them where I got it, so you're safe from the FBI or whoever is in charge of smuggled oranges hahaha…. Well I went to Jamie's house this morning to get my stuff out of the truck and we both agreed we want to come back every year unless I hit the lottery then I'm going to be your neighbor. I now have memories from my trip that will last a lifetime, and I can't wait to bring my wife and both of my sons back up there to share with them your wonderful resort and your truly beautiful country. I had a great time and I really appreciated you, and all of your folk's wonderful hospitality. I truly do feel that we came as guests and left as friends. Sorry about the key and I am looking forward to staying in touch until we meet in Cincinnati. Thanks again!!!!!

Henry "Hank"

...we booked for one week and stayed for an extra week because we were having so much fun. The Lodge and the lakes cannot be described in words, and pictures barely do justice to its beauty. We caught more fish than we could have imagined and learned a great deal. We became friends with Rob and Kathy (the owners), the staff and many of the guests who plan to be back next year. Let me tell you why everyone loved The Waterfalls Lodge so much...

Click here to check out the full review from Bob and Rosalita, two of our happy guests.

Rob & Cathy,

Thank you for the wonderful stay! The hospitality you gave made us feel at ease and welcomed as we spent a few days here at Waterfalls lodge during our honeymoon. Thank you for the beautiful gift of Flowers

In Christ,
The Honeymooners
Chad & Mandy Swearinger

Thanks so much for your hospitality and a wonderful time

God Bless
Carol & John Wiley

Just a note to thank you so much for a wonderful vacation. We have SO many great memories of our week at your lodge. The fishing was a bit tough but a great time was had by all. The boys will never forget you and "Burton Bear" and the yard of bubble gum.

Thank you so much
Keith, Susan, Ian, Joel Wingarden Jim & Jane Hotchhison

Thank you so very much for your hospitality. We so enjoyed our overnight stay at your Waterfalls Lodge & Restaurant. We will certainly advertize for you and hopefully be able to return someday.

Love & Prayers
Rita & Tom

Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality at your lodge from the meals to the weather, boat trip and accommodation and friendly hosts, it made a lovely stay. Best wished for every success with your lodge. Say Hi to "Fred the chipmunk".

John & Pat

THANK YOU!!!!! Is not quite enough to let you know what a tremendous experience we had at Waterfalls Lodge In Cabin 2 From May 22 to 26 we had an experience. The guys were very happy with my choice of Lodge. I had met Richard your Guide in Traverce City in the Spring.

Our 25 year dry period was broken by our reunion trip and our reservation for next year.
Your staff in all areas made our stay above and beyond our expectation. We will be talking and sharing this adventure with many others.

Bob Kieliszewski

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