Waterfalls Lodge in northern Ontario, Canada
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Main Lakes Fishing


You'll find us located in one of the finest fishing areas of North Central Ontario. Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Perch and panfish make Waterfalls Lodge an ideal sportsman's vacation retreat.

We encourage the increasingly popular practice of "Catch and Release" of the prime spawning size fish. This is our conscientious effort to help ensure a continued abundance of fish in our lakes. We would be delighted if you would join us.

Click for a photo gallery of our main lakes fishing.

Click for Google Maps of Waterfalls Lodge and the lakes.

Smallmouth Bass Season is OPEN all year, with Catch & Release fishing until after their spawn.
Smallmouth BassThe fishing season begins in mid May. When the ice goes off, the shallows are warmest so the fish are there, till they seek cooler water early in July when you'll have to adjust down for them. As Fall approaches in late August, the surface water starts to cool and they head for the reefs and shallows again. Bass season opens the last Saturday in June, and they are eager to feed - hitting good through the end of September. "Trophy Northern" hit anytime... Keep a big net, steel leaders and nerves. Walleye season opens the third Saturday of May. The Lake Trout love the 100 foot deep waters of Kecil Lake.
We have custom-built, brand new boats! They have everything needed for the serious fisherman.


We are fulfilling a lifelong dream owning a fishing camp in the north and sharing it with our guests. We do not consider ourselves "the owners", in reality we are only the caretakers of our chain of lakes for fishing. As caretakers, it is very important to us to make sure that we don't deplete this fishery for future generations to come.

While you are staying at Waterfalls Lodge, Conservation Fishing Licence Limits will be promoted (2 Walleye, 2 Northern Pike, 2 Smallmouth Bass, 25 Perch and 1 Lake Trout). We welcome our guests to eat fresh fish while you are staying with us and encourage our guests not to take any fish home.

northern pikePlease return all larger fish for future breeders. For those of you who are looking to take a trophy fish home, we encourage our fisherman to have a replica of their "fish of a lifetime" made instead of the old traditional skin mounts of a dead fish. We will help and assist you in locating a reproduction specialist that will provide you with a "real life" replica. Our fisherman who have "real life" replicas also have a real feeling of accomplishment along with the bragging rights for their friends to see. In addition, we know that when our fishermen tell their story about their trophy fish that their TRUE fish is only GROWING each year after! A conservation fisherman with his "real life" replicas are the ONLY fisherman that can truly brag about how the big one REALLY got away!

It's our hope that all current and future guests will endorse our conservation policy with open arms. After all, it is in everyone's best interest for today and tomorrow.


  • A Walleye 23 inches or larger
  • A Smallmouth Bass 18 inches or larger
  • A Northern Pike 30 inches or larger
  • Bring your picture or digital camera card to the camp office as proof and receive your FREE catch and release Waterfalls Lodge item.
  • Your name will be entered into a yearly Draw to win a 7 night stay, American Plan package, fishing trip to Waterfalls Lodge.

Let’s do our part by trying to catch and release the big fish so our grand-children and great-grandchildren will have the same opportunity to enjoy the excellent fishing at Waterfalls Lodge.


midweek community shore lunchMIDWEEK SHORE LUNCH

A shore lunch on one of the islands in the lakes is something you must experience while you are here. While you can certainly enjoy private shore lunches, most of our guests really love the community shore lunch that we provide mid-week during your stay. Every Wednesday at 12:30 pm all our fishing guests are invited to a shore lunch on an island in Kecil Lake. We will tie your boat up for you, and cook you an awesome lunch of fish, home fries, and beans and wieners, plus drinks.

boats lined up for shore lunch guests love the community shore lunch


Leaving the dock you will experience some of the finest fishing in Northern Ontario. Boating from one lake into the next; finding your way from Tube Lake into Marion Lake, next you'll find Kecil Lake and finally the end of the chain, Lang Lake. This chain of Trophy Lakes produces some of the best smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, lake trout, perch and panfish for your fishing enjoyment.

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Google Maps zooming in on Waterfalls Lodge:
(click an image for an interactive map)

overview map showing Waterfalls Lodge north of Lake Huron

area map showing Waterfalls Lodge north of Trans Canada Highway 17

closeup map showing Waterfalls Lodge on their chain of lakes, and the outpost lakes

only lodge on chain of 7 lakes

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