Waterfalls Lodge in northern Ontario, Canada
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Fly Fishing

Come enjoy fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike on our Main Lakes, Remote Lakes and Rivers!

We have custom-built, brand new boats! They have everything needed for the serious fisherman.


For anglers who love to fly fish there are great opportunities to catch both smallmouth bass and northern pike on the fly.

rods & reelsRODS & REELS

The preferred rods are medium fast to fast-action 6-8 weight rods in the 9-9 ½ foot range that will all work well for pike and bass. For reels a simple click/pawl reel is all that you require.


A Weight-Forward (WF) line matched to a 6-8 weight rod will handle most conditions. We recommend you bring a full sinking line like a Type 3 (3-4 IPS) or greater to get flies down deeper when the fish go deeper. Most bass and pike can be caught in the 3-10 foot range. Leaders in the 8-10 foot length are ideal with 8-10lb rating (0x-3x).


black wooly buggerSurface – We recommend foam, plastic and deerhair poppers in black, green and yellow. Yellow seems to be the hot colour most of the time. Ensure your poppers can make lots of noise, that really rings the dinner bell for bass.

Subsurface – Streamer patterns in sizes 2-10 work very well on the bass. Black, olive, white and yellow are extremely effective choices. Top patterns include: wooly buggers, muddler minnows, zonkers, strip leeches and any sculpin patterns such as zoo cougars. A Northern Ontario pattern that is very popular is “Scottys McFly” in white which is deadly.

muddler minnow white zonker black strip leech


Surface – Any big poppers that make lots of noise and create a wake work well around weed beds, beaver lodges and near drop-offs. Fish big foam poppers (sizes 1/0 to 3/0) with a slow retrieve. Strikes by pike will be vicious.

Subsurface – Big flies that imitate either yellow perch or walleye are a good bet on our waters. Use big streamers (1/0-3/0) in green, yellow, red/white, black and white. Use a full sinking line or intermediate line using a slow twitch retrieve. Ensure you use wire leaders such as RIOs Bite Tippet or Tyger Leader.

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